Міжнародна конференція 21.05.21 (англійська).

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

Institute of Pedagogy

 Preschool Education Department

Pavlо Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Preschool and Special Education

Chair of preschool education

Brest State University of OSB Pushkin State University (Belarus)

University of Humanities and Natural Sciences Jan Długosz in Czestochowa

(Jan Długosz Academy in Czestochowa (Poland)

Kazakh National Pedagogical University.  Abaya (Kazakhstan)

Trakai Educational Center Public Institute (Lithuania)

Trakai Adult Development Center (Lithuania)

Honorable colleagues!


May 21‑22, 2021

to participate in the III International Scientific Practical Conference


(absentee and distance participation)

Directions of the conference work:

  1. Historical and comparative aspects of technology modernization in preschool education institutions
  2. Peculiarities of using innovative technologies in preschool education institutions
  3. Modern technologies of preparation and retraining of future specialists of preschool education
  4. Innovative technologies in the management of preschool education institutions during their modernization
  5. An inclusive approach in the innovation of the modern educational space of a preschool education institution
  6. Other areas of modern research in the context of innovative technologies in pre-school education


According to the results of the conference, publication of a collection of scientific and methodological works of the Pavlo Tychyna USPU, a certificate of participation with appropriate hours and a program of the conference are planned.

To participate in the conference it is necessary to:

  • send to the e-mail address dutunaped@gmail.com (in separate files with names such as: Simonenko_article) by 01.05.2021: application for participation in the conference (application form attached); the text of the professional article (10-12 pages), prepared according to the requirements (information is added; the requirements for the design can be found on the site http://znp.udpu.edu.ua) or the text of the abstracts (up to 3 pages);
  • report by e-mail dutunaped@gmail.com or by telephone (095 109 47 48 – Maria Shvets) about the remote participation in the conference in video format by 15.05.2021.

Remote Plenary Session of the Conference: May 21, 2021 at 11.00 at: Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University, Uman, Cherkasy region, Ukraine.  Working languages of the conference: Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, English.

In the conference training and methodological seminars and trainings are planned.  Certificates will be issued as a result of participating in seminars and trainings.


Dear colleagues!  Please, to avoid misunderstandings, pay the cost of printing the conference materials and attending the conference only after confirming the fact that your publications have been accepted for consideration by the telephone.  After confirming the acceptance of the materials, send a copy of the payment receipt to the specified email address.

Financial conditions: the cost of the printed version of the abstract (provided no more than 3 pages of text) – 150 UAH, and articles for the professional collection – 55 UAH, the printed version of the conference program – 30 UAH.  (electronic version – 10 UAH), printed version of the conference participant certificate – 10 UAH.  Sending conference materials – by “New Mail”, at the expense of the recipient.

Editors reserve the right not to publish articles that are not relevant to the topic of the conference and to edit the material.  The responsibility for the content of the publication lies entirely with the authors (author).